Sanfe Stand and Pee Female Urination Device

Hey Reader! Well if you are reading this then I can relate the embarrassing moment you have gone through during your visit to a public washroom. I have come up with a revolutionary product “Sanfe Stand and Pee Female Urination Device” which is a necessity of a female’s life.

 Let me narrate my own story to you – I am a 31-year old working professional and I daily travel on a local train to reach my workplace. While heading back to my home I always try to use the Office washrooms as they are Quite clean and feel safer to use.

One day it was raining heavily and I had an urge to pee while I was on my way home. I found a public toilet at the station itself, I was already scared going inside but somehow I did manage to go inside. Being a female using public washroom is a challenge itself and the same happened to me.

The toilet was damn unhygienic and Dirty. I had no courage to sit on the toilet seat and pee. I spent my whole weekend finding out the perfect solution for women to be able to pee at public toilets. Finally, I came with a revolutionary product which is “Sanfe Stand and Pee Female Urination Device”

What is Sanfe Stand and Pee Urination Device?

Sanfe Pee Device is a uniquely designed product for females. It is a female urination device that lets you stand and pee (just like Males do). This product is made with biodegradable material and is designed so well that it’s very easy to carry and use.

With this stand and pee device, you can effortlessly use public washrooms (even if they are unhygienic). Now gone are the days when you had to think before peeing.

An unhygienic washroom can make you sick and transmit deadly diseases like UTI and many other skin problems.

This amazing pee device for women is priced damn affordably and is available in various packs of 20, 30 and so on. 

How to Use Sanfe Stand and Pee Urination Device?

Sanfe Pee device is a basic necessity for a female as it really helps you stay hygienic and assures that you can always use public washrooms (without holding up).

Before talking about its usage, we can discuss some places where it will serve the most. A female can use this female urination device in washrooms at the workplace, railway, airports, metro stations, schools, colleges, and restaurants.

Direction for Use:

  • Simply open the flaps of the device.
  • Gently press using the Grip.
  • Place the open end at the flow area.
  • Just Bend a little towards the pot.
  • Relax and Pee.

Believe me using this female urination device is very easy and gentle on skin. It’s ergonomic design which ensures Zero Leakage.

Who Should Use Sanfe Stand and Pee Urination Device?

Sanfe Urination Device is meant for females who are really cautious and looking forward to hygienic peeing. We can categorize the Users in following ways:

  • Travelling Women: If you have a profession or responsibility where you have to step out every now and then. This sanfe pee device is something you should really consider buying. It will ensure safe and hygienic peeing at public washrooms.
  • Pregnant Women: During pregnancy with that baby bump it’s hard to bend and perform any task (even if it’s peeing). With this pee device just forget bending or sitting in a squat position, just stand and pee.
  • Patients with Joint Pain & Arthritis: Even for Patients with Joint Pain the problem is bending or to sit in squat position during peeing. With this urination device you can pee without bending at all.

Key Features of Sanfe Stand and Pee Device:

  • A biodegradable product.
  • Easy to use with One-hand Grip.
  • Menstrual Friendly.
  • Ergonomic design ensures Zero Leakage.
  • No More squatting for peeing.

This was my personal experience with the “Sanfe Stand and Pee Female Urination Device”. Earlier i was also very scared in peeing at public washrooms, but after using this product for months it’s completely hygienic and safe.

Sometimes even while peeing at your own home you will miss this device as you be habitually to stand and pee. It’s a very affordable product and a must have for females.

Don’t Hold Up!

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