Review of Himalaya Hand cream with Age Defying Benefits

Its that time of the year when the nights are cold, and you pull out your cozy blankets, may be a cup
of coffee/tea for extra warmth. Winters are celebrations 😀

Looking back, this year marked more of the household chores, constant hand sanitization/ washing, and oops, dry palms!
The way moisturizing body and face in a necessary part of beauty regime, keeping palms and nails soft supple moisturized is now equally important.

Himalaya Hand cream
Himalaya Hand cream

Here’s Himalaya Hand cream with Age Defying Benefits for you, feather light and soft!

Himalaya Hand cream
Himalaya Hand cream

Product Description:

This pearly white cream is enriched with:

  • Rose myrtle– provided potential photoprotection due to component Piceatannol; antiaging
  • Cocoa butter– Moisturization and nourishment
  • Spiked ginger Lilly– anti-oxidant, anti-microbial
  • Greater galangal– revitalizes, brightens and smoothens skin; provides photoprotection.
  • Wood fordia– anti-ageing, reduces wrinkle appearance and improves skin elasticity

100ml of product costs a bare minimum and comes under 200 bucks, and it comes in a flip top tube, with a shelf life of 2 years.

How to apply Himalaya Hand cream:

Just take a pea sized amount of Himalaya Hand cream and massage it well all around your palms and hands, some gentle rub around the nails.
This quick absorbing soft and divine smelling (not over powering) product will leave your rough dry hands moisturized until next wash

person holding white round ornament
Himalaya hand cream


Over a period of usage, a visible difference will be noticed in palms’ skin, also less of that skin around
the nails peeling.
So, don’t forget to drop this tube in your bed side drawer for that goodnight soft velvety touch.

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